What is ATL BTL and TTL? 

The mysterious lines in marketing were introduced by Procter & Gamble in 1945. These Lines are used to separate Advertising marketing into three types:

  1. Above The Line (ATL)
  2. Below The Line (BTL)
  3. Through The Line(TTL)

But exactly what is this “line”, and How to choose which line is best for your business Objective?

Let’s take a look!

Marketing StrategyExamples
Above The Line (ATL) Television, Radio and Print Advertisements (magazine & newspaper)
Below The Line (BTL) Outdoor, Direct Mail, Sponsorship and In-Store Advertising
Through The Line(TTL) 360° Marketing – (ATL+BTL)

What is Above the Line Marketing (ATL)?

ATL is a kind of tradition marketing used to create brand awareness among the audience on a large scale. ATL incorporates many forms of advertising Such as television, radio, billboards and print advertisements (magazine & newspaper). Above The Line Advertisement will grab the attention among the audience. It also influences on customer decision making because of its most recognizable form of advertisement where the people will see and hear every day.

ATL Marketing is carried out for promotional activity and also to gain the goodwill of the product/business.

What is Below The Line Marketing (BTL)?

BTL is a kind of direct advertising designed to deliver the advertisement to a specific group of consumer based on their need and interest. Below The Line Marketing is in charge of driving the leads and loyal customer rather than building brand awareness. BTL advertising takes different forms — They are outdoor advertising, direct mail marketing (e-mails, text messages, etc.), sponsorship, in-store marketing.

BTL is a data-driven approach because the advert asks the audience to respond in some way, such as get a free quote or visit a website and feedback, etc. It builds the relationship as well as keeps the track of data about the audience which gives you the opportunity to enhance it.

Whereas in ATL advertisement your in the dark when it comes to targeting/ tracking of audience. It just showcases the product, event or service and leaving it at that.

What is Through The Line Marketing (TTL)?

TTL is a kind of 360° Marketing where the different aspects of marketing are linked together to reach the wider customer base and generate the leads. The Through The Line Marketing emphasis more on BTL Marketing, but it also makes use of ATL advertising strategy. TTL approach is useful for nationwide campaigns it shows different ads to a different user, depending on where the user live and according to their interest.

With TTL Advertising strategy the user will get a highly personalized Advertisement which improves the ROI of the organization and is considered better by the consumer.

Difference between ATL and BTL Advertising Strategy

Above the Line Advertising Below the Line Advertising
It is often referred to as Above the Line marketing / Above the Line promotion/ ATL advertising / ATL marketing/ It is often referred to as Below the Line marketing / Below the Line promotion / BTL advertising / BTL marketing
It focuses on the mass audience fora reach and brand awareness.It focuses on the specific target group of audience.
ATL is considered as one-way communication.BTL offers two-way communication
Tracking ROI is difficult Easy to track what you spend, and what you get in return 
Ad placement is static.Ad placement is dynamic in nature
It often pushes the message to the audienceIt often interacts with the audience through call-to-action

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