Migrating from the old domain to another domain is made simple with the new interface in google search console.

When to use this Change of Address tool?

Use this change of address search console tool when you want to move your website from one domain or subdomain to another domain. This tool informs the google about your domain changes from the old site to new.

For example, Moving the site from xyzconsultant.com to xyzseoconsultant.com.

Here is the confirmation from Google Webmaster on Twitter:

When not to use this Change of Address tool?

  • Don’t use this tool for moving your website from http to https. Please follow this guidelines –> Move Site from http to https
  • Don’t use this tool for moving the page path within the site. For instance, from example.com/oldpath/… to example.com/newpath/… For this case add redirects and then update the sitemap.
  • The tool doesn’t work with the subdomain. It means if you specify example.com in the tool, it will not move www.example.com or m.example.com.
  • Don’t use this tool when moving the same domain from non-www

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