Although transition words don’t influence SEO directly, they help to improve the SEO factors like readability and bounce rate.

Here is How!

Transition words like summarizing, comparing or concluding something that makes the content easily readable. Once the reader come across a blog post that can be easily understandable, they rarely bounce off. So, having Posts with high readability level will decrease the bounce rate and will keep the audience for a longer duration.

Let’s Exploit The Power of Transition Words in SEO

This can be frustrating if you don’t know what is transition words are. Let’s get started!

Transition words are words like ‘consequently ’, ‘ finally ’, ‘because’, ‘however’, or ‘besides’. Using the correct transition words between the paragraphs and sentence will give an idea about the upcoming topic for the readers

While using the transition word like Conclusion in the article, your readers will understand you’re concluding the copy. Likewise using the words like firstsecondthird, etc.will make your readers understand you’re summing up the things.

Examples of Transition words

Transition Example of transition words
Enumeration first of all, also, one more, a further, to end
Cause because, so, since, for the reason that
Comparison/Contrast similarly, uniformly, comparably, while, in contrast, identically, disagree with
Conclusion subsequently, therefore, as a consequence, hence
Fuzzy signals seems like, maybe, probably, almost
Emphasis most importantly, absolutely, undoubtedly, even more

Using transition words to create readable text is just one aspect of SEO copywriting.


Examples of Two-part transition words

Two-part transition words Example of Two-part transition words
Neither, Nor Neither Italy nor France got to the quarter-finals last year
Whether, Or I don’t know whether I come to office or not
If, Then If it’s raining now, then your laundry is getting wet
Not, But The park was known not for its amenities, but for its location
No sooner, Than They had no sooner arrived than they were arguing

How to Make use of transition Words in SEO?

The main goal of the writer is making a content flow smoothly and continuously to some final point. So, the task of the writer is keeping the subject interesting till the end. Because none of us going to disclose all the secrets in the first paragraph itself.

The transition words will give a magical touch to your content by intimating something important topic is coming up. The transition words will give the idea to the readers which increase the overall readability of the text. Readability directly correlates with the SEO of your content.

Using plenty of transition words won’t make your page rank first on SERP; but since it improves the readability of your copy, it will still contribute to SEO predominantly.

Mostly transition words are used to add spice to your content which makes the reader feel interesting till the end. Using sufficient transition words will make the text easily readable and structure the text.

Transition words are used by the old-copywriters to grab the attention of readers deeper into the content.

Do you know where the Transition words come from?

In olden days, where there is no fire truck and pressure hoses to put out the fire, the people will form the human chain to pass the bucket of water from one person to other until the last person finally threw it onto the fire.

It’s important to maintain smooth connectivity to remain unbroken. If the bucket wasn’t passed smoothly from one person to the another, the water would spill.

This process is named as Bucket Brigades

The same way the transition word works, if the writer failed to use the connection/transition word, readers get “spilled” all over the place and lost reading the article and not making any sense out of it…

The Transition words will turn dry topics into stories worth reading to the end and will get all your contents Reads.

Make your content more engaging with the Bucket Brigades technique.

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