Using TF-IDF SEO you can perfectly optimize any type of content. Term frequency-inverse document frequency will take your keyword research to the next level by relieving the keywords used by the top-ranking sites.

It differs from the traditional keyword research because It not only focuses on the target keyword but also emphasize on the related phrase or term associated with it.

Let’s dug up further!

What is TF-IDF SEO?

TF-IDF is an acronym for term frequency-inverse document frequency, it is used to calculate the importance of the word/phrase in the document. The TF-IDF score will show how you’re using a word rarely or often in a document. It holds value in SEO.

TF-IDF can be utilized in two different ways

  1. It is used to optimize the content for better ranking with TF-IDF score.
  2. In addition to that, it finds out what word or a phrase is used widely by all the website consistently to describe the topic.

How TF-IDF is Calculated?

TF-IDF can be calculated as follow:

wi,j=tfi,j x log(N/dfi)

tfij = number of occurrance of i in j

dfi = number of documents containing i

N = total number of documents

TF-IDF equation is composed of two metrics – Term Frequency and Inverse document frequency.

The Term frequency denotes that the number of time a term appears on a page by dividing it with number word in a document.

TF = 1 + log(Keyword count) / log(total word count of document)

The inverse document frequency is calculated by dividing the total number of documents in a set by dividing the number of documents containing the keyword.

IDF = log (1 + Total Documents/ Documents with keyword)

Don’t get panic! Fortunately, several free tools exist to calculate TF-IDF score for you. TF-IDF tool will analyze the popular search terms and its frequency for the top 20 URL ranking in the SERP. It also calculates the TF-IDF score for each term against your URL/content in your corpus for a specific keyword. However, before using any tool, you should understand the concept behind it.

How TF-IDF Will Improve Your Content for Better Ranking?

TF-IDF is a kind of Keyword-inspiration tool. It helps to increase the relevancy of the content

With Keyword planner, you can analyze what people are searching for but it won’t reveal the related terms and keyword used by the competitor.

But with the TF-IDF tool, the keyword research will go beyond the standard keyword research process, It shows:

  • what is the relevant topic being searched?
  • Find out the important term highly relevant to the targeted keyword
  • Find out what terms/keyword most websites consistently use to describe the topic.
  • Figure out what terms your missing by comparing it with the competitor.

With all these data you know you haven’t missed any essential subtopic or related topic for the topic you are targeting.

It allows you to optimize content for the whole topic, not for a single keyword. With the complete understanding of the topic being covered by the competitors and the frequency of each term being used, you can use this information to optimize the new or existing content.

Now go ahead with the natural way of writing the content. Ensure you’re not overusing the terms/keyword.

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