Wondering how to start a blog that generates traffic and money? There is no hidden secret, write the interesting topic that pulls the readers in and keep them coming back for more. Unleash the ideas with a brainstorming headline and text with a couple of images that really have a superpower. From content to design, everything makes an impression on the readers, so make sure you’re on the road to success.

Let’s get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the Profitable Niche
  2. Name it with a Domain and Web Hosting
  3. Make it live with a WordPress
  4. Unleash your ideas through Blogging
  5. Tune your Website for Money

Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of starting a blog.

Step #1: Choose the Profitable Niche

Selecting the profitable niche is a head daunting task as it determines your blog’s success. The niche alone will decide who is your targeted audience, which topics you should focus and what is the demand in the future. It is prominent to choose the topic that generates tons of traffic to your website.

If you’re road to blogging is blocked or struggling to choose the niche, follow the ideas listed below:

Start with something you love

Blogging is a great way to bring your passion out. Always choose the topic which you love to read, write, and feed your mind. Starting a blog is always a dedicated process because most people will give up after a couple of months due to a lack of interest and patience. So always choose the topic that engages your mind and tempt you to continue.

Analyze the scope of the niche

Make a list of niche ideas that are interesting to you. Here are the few tools to analyze the scope of your niche.

Google Trends

It shows the public interest on a particular topic over a specific time period. Choose the niche and keywords that are trending upward on Google Trends. Spot the interest of your audience and plan the blogging schedule to skyrocket your blog post searches and shares.

Keyword Planner

Once you have chosen the niche its prominent to analyze the competition, difficulty in keyword ranking, and average search volume. Choose the combination of keywords with moderate search volume and lower competition to achieve results in a short time.

Researching a right keyword and incorporating into the blog will bring traffic to your webiste and shot at ranking high in the Google SERPs.

Step #2: Name it with a Domain and Web Hosting

Name your brand or business with a stunning domain. Your domain name says everything about your brand, business, value, identity and what you promise to deliver them. So don’t choose your brand in haste!

Domain names are a great way to announce yourself to the world. It separates your business from millions of business websites available from the internet. Choose the domain name that is memorable, short, original, and catchy. It creates awareness among the audience and attracts towards your business.

Here are the few examples of top brands how they have chosen their domain names

  • Udemy – It is an online learning course. It combines the word “YOU” and “Academy” to form a domain name.
  • Zomato – It is offering food delivery service. The domain name is simply a rhyme of ‘Tomato”.
  • Nivea – It is the cosmetic brand name. It is derived from the word Niveus means snow-white in Latin.
  • Volkswagen  – It’s a leading manufacturer of automobiles. Volkswagen means “people’s car” in German
  • Dell – The brand got his name from the founder Michael Dell.

If it’s possible, include keyword in your domain name

Keywords in a domain name improve the ranking of your website in SERP. But the keyword should align with your business service. The brand names are more reactive when compare to the keyword-based domain. So in order to make it memorable start with the brand name and pair it with a relevant keyword. For example: Food Panda, Small SEO tools, Content Marketing Institute. Use the keyword if it makes your domain name more intuitive.

Note: Don’t stuff the keyword in your domain name, for example, BuyFurnituresOnline.com because it looks spammy even though it is keyword-rich. 

Host it on Web

You can design your website on your computer, but unless you upload it on a hosting server, it cannot be accessed by anyone. To make your site visible and accessible on the web you need to host a website. Your website contains a bunch of different files such as image, HTML, CSS, and much more that need to be stored together. The web hosting service provider will store and manage your website files. It also reduces the overhead of maintenance and repair costs of the server. The hosting service providers are responsible for delivering the files to users.

Step #3: Make it live with a WordPress

Make your blogging dream more successful and easier with the WordPress platform. Nowadays, blogging becomes a profession for many people. In that case, choosing a reliable content management system is important, here WordPress plays a major role. It offers an n-number of free themes with robust functionalities. You can easily customize the site without the help of the developer. Publishing the post, changing the website layout, and adding the widgets are made simpler in WordPress without any technical knowledge. WordPress is not only famous for stunning themes, but the plugins also drive people to use WordPress for creating blogs and websites. WordPress helps you create the user-friendly content, optimize for SEO. It reduces the cost of hiring the developer and SEO Executives.

Step #4: Unleash your ideas through Blogging

Now it’s ready to go! Unleash the ideas within you. Open your editor, start typing, organize your thoughts, and fill up in a structure. Writing the first blog post takes more than a couple of hours or days due to perfection, but don’t worry because there’s lots of time to edit the content. Initially, cover everything that you have in mind and then do revisions. Seed all your ideas and finally hit “Publish”.

Put the word out, share it with your friends, audience, and acquaintances. Let them know that you will have published the blog.

Step #5: Tune your Website for Money

Monetize your website and start earning. Here are the few ways to generate money from your website or blog:


You can easily set up Google Adsense and other ads on your website to make money. It’s a great way to gain revenue from your online content. In a direct deal, you will share your page space for advertising the product or services that appear along with your content. You can also use Google Adsense. It serves the ads that are relevant to your content hen the user views or click the ad you will get paid.

If your website has huge traffic, you will gain traction through Google Adsense. The key goal is to drive the traffic to your website then advertise will rush for your ad space.

Advertisements are arguably the fundamental, easiest, and effective way to start earning money through blogging. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods to leverage your blog’s revenue. With affiliate marketing, you will promote the products and services of other businesses and get paid for every purchase made by your website readers. Partner with the highly reputed concerns because it may ruin your brand image if the affiliate marketer goes wrong.

Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are one of the most common ways used by bloggers to monetize the blog or website. But unless your website has massive amounts of traffic and brand recognition, it is not possible. Because the sponsored post is formulated to gain exposure among the audience and to get new customers.

The sponsored post contains a link that points to the specific product or service page of the sponsor website from which the blogger receives compensation in the form of money, products, services, or in other ways. They are also known as paid posts.