Google announced breadcrumb structured data reports will be available under the enhancement section in the left-hand navigation panel.

The new enhancement breadcrumb report shows:

  • Structured data errors
  • Warnings
  • Implementation Success

Here is the confirmation from Google Webmaster on Twitter:

Great news, we have a new report on Search Console 📢 As of today, if you have Breadcrumb 🍞 structured data in your site, you’ll see a new report under Enhancements (see screenshot). Check if you have errors and get to work!

It allows the site owner to figure out the implementation errors in the breadcrumb markup. If the breadcrumb is not displaying, this report helps you to identify the issues in the markup so you can fix the important ingredient in the SEO.

Adding this feature in the Enhancement report shows that Google has been endorsing the use of breadcrumbs.

Why Breadcrumbs are important?

Breadcrumbs are important ingredient in SEO since it appears in the Google search results and also on a website. These navigational aids not only helps the people to understand the website hierarchy it also helps to google to understand better about the site structure and for PageRank distribution.

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