Download the below listed best SEO chrome extensions make life easier for SEOs. A handy collection of free Chrome extensions recommended by experts in the SEO community.

  1. Meta SEO Inspector
  2. MozBar
  3. SEOquake
  4. Keywords Surfer
  5. Awesome Screenshot
  6. Wappalyzer
  7. Gallerify
  8. Bulk URL Opener
  9. SEO Minion
  10. Tag Assistant (by Google)
  11. UET Tag Helper (by Bing Ads)
  13. Grammarly
  14. BuzzSumo
  15. Lastpass
  16. Redirect Path

Meta SEO Inspector

Useful to inspect the meta data found inside web pages, usually not visible while browsing.

Meta data is not just the usual HTML meta tags, but the XFN tags, various microformats, the recently introduced canonical attribute, the no-follow links and so on.

This extension is mainly aimed at web developers that need to verify the HTML of their site to follow the Webmasters’ Google Guidelines, but even to who is curious about any page contents that are usually not visible, but can reveal interesting site properties.

Alerts are shown when the meta data is not within certain ranges, for example when the description tag is too short, or too long.

There are links to info-sites ( mainly SEO-oriented ) pointing to the exact page about the site you are watching. Feel free to request new links, I’ll add only the good ones (there are many sites all showing the same data).


MozBar from Moz

The all-in-one SEO toolbar for research on the go.

  • MozBar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP.
  • Create custom searches by engine, country, region, or city.
  • Quickly assess the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any site or page.
  • Access and compare link metrics across pages while viewing any SERP.
  • Find and highlight keywords on a page and differentiate links by type: Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal.
  • Expose page elements, general attributes, markup, and HTTP status.
  • Export your search engine results page (SERP) analysis details to a CSV file.

Get more with a Moz Pro Subscription

Unlock additional MozBar Premium features:

Keyword Difficulty

View the Keyword Difficulty score for any search term on any SERP in real-time.

Page Optimization

Get instant page optimization detail and content suggestions for any keyword on any page.

More Metrics

Dig deeper into page and SERP analysis data with root domain and subdomain links, unlimited Open Site Explorer reports and more.


SEOquake is a free plugin that provides you with key SEO metrics, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others

SEOquake allows you to:

  • Review all major metrics in a heartbeat
  • Get a thorough analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format
  • Estimate keyword difficulty instantly
  • Set parameters for a search query
  • Run a complete SEO audit of a webpage, including a check for mobile compatibility
  • Check your social statistics for Facebook and Google+
  • Use a wide range of default parameters or create a custom set
  • Get a full report for internal/external links
  • Determine a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list
  • Compare URLs/domains

SEOquake consists of several tools you can use depending on which specific SEO endeavors you’re pursuing. The SEO bar is an additional toolbar located at the top of the browser window, and it presents core metrics – a number of which can be customized. The SERP overlay is a bar that appears below each SERP result. Once enabled, it gives you detailed metrics associated with each listing along with another sidebar section that allows you to sort and export your results.
Also, you can get detailed reports for a specific page you are analyzing.

SEOquake has other useful tools, including, the SEO Audit tool, the Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis and even social metrics.

SEOquake is really easy to install and work with.

The SEOquake plugin is compatible with several browser extensions and is constantly updated.

Full list of SEO parameters:

Google Index, Google Links, Google Cache date, Yahoo Index, SEMrush links, SEMrush backlinks by domain, SEMrush backlinks by hostname, Bing Index, Alexa Rank, Webarchive age, Facebook likes, SEMrush Rank, SEMrush SE Traffic, SEMrush SE Traffic price, Baidu index, Baidu link, Compete Rank.

Keywords Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a 100% free extension that allows you to analyze Google search results without logging into or purchasing any app.

The cool part is, you get all the data directly within SERPs.

Once you type your target phrase and press enter, you’ll uncover search volumes, multiple keywords suggestions, and related terms. Keyword Surfer also provides metrics like the number of quality backlinks and estimated organic traffic for all ranking pages. Based on that you can determine keyword difficulty and plan your content.

For every new search you conduct in Google, you’ll get invaluable data for content and SEO strategy:

  • Search volume for your primary keyword
  • Similar keywords with their volumes
  • Number of quality backlinks per domain
  • Domain estimated traffic for each page from search results
  • Related searches with their volumes

Keyword Surfer is available for:

UNITED STATES, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Singapore, Spain.

Awesome Screenshot

Screen Capture full page screenshot. Screen recoder for screencast. Annotate and share to trello/slack etc.

Capture all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads. Now with free desktop capture!

Awesome Screenshot is the highest-rated screen capture & image annotation tool on Chrome with over 2 million users! As a way of thanking our user base, we no longer offer in-app purchases. Previously premium features are now completely free.

The default option for saving an image is now storing the image on with no time limit.


  • Capture or clip selected area, or all visible portion, or entire page
  • Supports PNG format
    3 Supports horizontal scrolling when capturing
  • Desktop screen capture 【Annotate & Edit】
  • Annotate any image with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text
  • Crop, scroll & show crop area dimensions
  • Blur certain sections to hide sensitive information
  • Copy the screenshot and paste it to Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Supports Windows and Linux 【Save & Share】
  • Save to local
  • One-click to upload to and get a shareable link
  • Support for Google Drive (Gdrive)
  • Save very large images, bypass the 2M limit. No more crashes
  • Interact with point-specific comments between friends and colleagues thru the new


Wappalyzer is a utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects content management systems, ecommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools and many more.

Identify technology on websites like – Accounting, Advertising, Analytics, Blogs, Caching, Captchas, CDN, CI, CMS, Comment systems, Containers, Control systems, CRM, Cryptominers, Database managers, Databases, Development, DMS, Documentation tools, Ecommerce, Editors, Feed readers, Font scripts, Hosting panels, IaaS, Issue trackers, JavaScript frameworks, Java Script graphics, Java Script libraries, Live chat, LMS, Load balancers, Maps, Marketing automation, Media servers, Message boards, Mobile frameworks, Network devices, Network storage, Operating systems, PaaS, Page builders, Payment processors, Paywalls, Photo galleries, Printers, Programming languages, Remote access, Reverse proxies, Rich text editors, SaaS, Search engines, SEO, Static site generator, Tag managers, UI frameworks, User Onboarding, Video players, Web frameworks, Web server extensions, Web servers, Webcams, Webmail, Widgets, Wikis.


Gallerify – Powerful Image Downloader. This extension allows you to browse and download all the images displayed on any web page.…

Gallerify – Powerful Image Downloader. This extension allows you to browse and download all the images displayed on any web page. Simply use the Gallerify button in the top right corner of your Chrome browser and a popup window will list them all.

Content Images and Background Images

Downloading content images is not much of a challenge, but it is often tricky to find images which are part of the page design. The wallpaper, the elusive icon, even sometimes logos and buttons can be hard to get.

Gallerify can easily find and download all of them.

Dynamic Images

Web pages often dynamically load and change content: news, tweets, posts. Gallerify is constantly looking for changes on the webpage and captures the new images, so you don’t have to reload the app. In addition, if you have a search filter in action it applies it automatically.

Live Search and Filters

Often the sheer number of images is too much to browse through. To help with that Gallerify has Quick Search. With Quick Search you can filter by:

  • Image type: icon, wallpaper, pixel
  • File type: JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • Word or phrase contained in the image URL
  • Image size: just specify the width and height

And Yes, you can combine some commands to build complex size filters. For example show images that are “bigger than 10 x 10 and less than 100 x 100”.

Bulk URL Opener

Open multiple URLs at once

Bulk URL Opener Extension just lets you open multiple URLs at once (in new tabs or windows).

Usage: Enter each URL in new line (you can paste the list if you prefer) and click the “Open All” button. The app will the open all the pages in separate tabs or windows (depending on your settings).

The difference between this extension and other similar extensions is that if an URL doesn’t include scheme, it will default to HTTP. In other words, you may skip the protocol part for “http://” sites and enter only the meaningful part. For example — if you type “” it will be automatically translated to “”. All similar extensions that I tested required fully qualified URL which wasn’t very convenient for me and that’s actually the main reason I made this tool.

SEO Minion

SEO Minion helps you in your daily SEO tasks such as On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, SERP Preview and more

This free SEO tool helps you with the following tasks –

  • Analyze On-Page SEO – analyze the HTML of any webpage and view useful information that will help you optimize the On-Page SEO as well as alert you to any issues.
  • Highlight All Links – quickly see all the links (internal & external) for any webpage
  • Check Broken Links – check every link on a webpage and get a report of any links with issues
  • Hreflang Checker – check hreflang tag validity, as well as whether there are return tags present
  • SERP Preview – preview your website on a real Google search result and update this in real time
  • Google search location simulator – view non-personalized google search results for one keyword on two different location/language combination.

Tag Assistant (by Google)

Tag Assistant helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more.

Tag Assistant helps you verify that you have installed various Google tags correctly on your page. Just navigate to any page and Tag Assistant will tell you which tags are present, report any errors we find and suggest improvements that can be made to your implementation. Most Google tags are checked including Google Analytics, Adwords Conversion Tracking, Google Tag Manager and more.

Use Google Tag Assistant Recording to record a typical user flow to and through your website and instantly validate, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues with your Google Analytics implementation.

UET Tag Helper (by Bing Ads)

This extension helps to identify issues in Bing UET tags

Just navigate to any webpage and the tag helper will tell you:

  • Which UET tags are on the page.
  • Are they working correctly.
  • If not, what you can do to fix the issue.

It is an easy way to validate that the Bing Ads UET tag is set up correctly.

Find email addresses from anywhere on the web, with just one click.

With Hunter for Chrome, you can immediately find who to contact when you visit a website. Along with the email addresses, you can get the names, job titles, social networks and phone numbers. All the data has public sources detailed in the search results.

★ Domain Search

The Domain Search is the most powerful email-finding tool of its kind. Click the icon in Chrome to find all the email addresses related to the website you’re visiting. It includes the most common email pattern used, department filters and the public sources.

The email addresses are marked verified or returned with confidence scores. If an email address is not verified yet, you can do it by clicking the checkmark icon next to it.

★ Email Finder

If you already know the name the person you would like to contact, type it in the search field. The email address will be returned instantly along with a confidence score and sources.

★ List building

Click the “+” next to a person to save this lead to a list. You can send email campaigns to your leads or synchronize them with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho and more than a hundred other CRMs and applications.

★ Trusted by more than 1.8 million people

Hunter (formerly Email Hunter) is used by salespeople, marketers, recruiters, bloggers, reporters and plenty of professionals who need to reach out.

★ Get started

The extension requires an account you can create immediately after the installation. You’ll get 50 free searches/month and can upgrade your account for more.

Grammarly for Chrome

Write your best with Grammarly for Chrome.

From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself. You’ll get suggestions from Grammarly as you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere else you find yourself writing. Grammarly is a writing assistant that goes deeper than grammar to offer you comprehensive writing feedback. You can be confident that your writing is not only correct, but clear and concise, too. Be sure to register your account to receive a personalized writing report each week to help you track your progress and identify improvement areas.

★ NEW: Detect your tone

Grammarly’s built-in tone detector helps you figure out how your message will come across to readers. That means you’ll have the opportunity to add a little more confidence, friendliness, or whatever the situation calls for before you hit send.

★ High-quality writing

A spelling checker can catch typos. A grammar checker can catch grammatical mistakes. But good writing is more than just proper grammar and spelling. Grammarly helps you fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues, and it can also help you revise sentences that are grammatically correct but wordy and unclear.

★ Works where you do

Grammarly for Chrome is compatible with the text fields on most websites, including Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and millions of others. Once you add Grammarly to Chrome, you’ll start seeing writing suggestions as you type.

★ Trusted by millions of users

Business professionals, students, writers, bloggers, and plenty of people who just want to write better trust Grammarly to help them produce their best work.

★ Grammarly in the news

PCMag: “Grammarly analyzes writing and suggests improvements. Despite its name, Grammarly is much more than just a grammar checker.”
Forbes: “Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better and makes you sound like a pro, or at least helps you avoid looking like a fool.”
Business Insider: “Grammarly is a great tool for freelancers who specialize in freelance writing, but it’s also useful for any freelancer who needs to communicate concisely and professionally.”

★ Grammarly Premium

When you really have to make an impression, Grammarly Premium can help you elevate the quality of your writing through word choice, tone, and style-specific writing suggestions. Grammarly Premium can also help you detect plagiarism and add citations.


Get share counts & more from BuzzSumo

Quickly get social engagement data for the page you’re viewing, or for any other website without having to open BuzzSumo.

  • Includes Twitter sharers no longer available officially
  • View who shared the page on Twitter
  • View backlink count for URL
  • See the most shared content for the current website
  • Analyze top performing content formats
  • Easily share content via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.


LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

Only remember one password – your LastPass master password. Save all your usernames and passwords to LastPass, and it will auto login to your sites and sync your passwords everywhere you need them.

“This robust password manager is a must-use free tool that supports multiple operating systems and browsers.” – PCMag Editors’ Choice

Save Everything:

  • Store login usernames and passwords
  • Checkout fast by adding credit cards & shopping profiles
  • Attach docs, PDFs, images, audio, and more
  • Save any piece of data you need to keep secure and easy-to-find
  • Manage everything from a simple, searchable vault
  • Add, edit, view, delete, and organize your passwords

Access Everywhere:

  • LastPass is free to use on any computer, laptop, phone or tablet
  • Install the LastPass browser extension on all computers
  • Login with the same LastPass account everywhere
  • Anything you save on one device is instantly available on all your other devices
  • Download LastPass to all your computers and get our app for your smartphone or tablet

Improve Your Online Security:

  • Generate secure passwords to replace weak ones
  • Create new passwords as you sign up for sites
  • Protect your LastPass account with multifactor authentication
  • Use the LastPass security check to review your passwords and flag weak and duplicate passwords

Simplify your life:

  • Never forget another password
  • Generate strong passwords that you don’t have to remember
  • Passwords are autofilled for you as you go to your sites – less typing!
  • Securely share your passwords with friends and family
  • Only worry about one master password

Only you know your master password, and only you can access your vault. Your master password is never shared with LastPass. That’s why millions of people and businesses trust LastPass to keep their information safe. We protect your data at every step.

Learn about more features and get LastPass Password Manager for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera from

Redirect Path

The HTTP Header & Redirect Checker for SEO

Redirect Path flags up 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes as well as client side redirects like Meta and Javascript redirects, bringing potential issues that may not otherwise be seen to your attention immediately.

As well as flagging up redirects and errors, the plugin also displays other HTTP Headers (such as server types and caching headers) and the server IP Address at the click of a button.

All the magic happens on your computer, so it doesn’t “phone home” to anyone (except when auto-updating itself) and is instantaneous.

If we have missed any other important SEO extension, please let us know in the comment section below.

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